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Baltimore Carnival Games

Carnival games are the perfect way to enhance any party. Pick from our long list of popular games from Penguin Fish Fling to our all new Inflatable Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. Parents and kids alike keep coming back for more fun with each rental.

Game Rental Policy

A minimum delivery/pickup fee of $35.00 will be applied to orders where the combined value of rental equipment is less than $180. Parental supervision required at all times.

Carnival Games

The guaranteed crowd pleasers.

carnival booth

How about adding a 8x8 Midway Carnival Booth rental for your concession machines or carnival games? A Carnival Booth is a must have for our carnival games (Hit the Bucket, Duck Hunt, Monster Dentist or NFL QB Challenge, etc)! These custom Red & White Carnival Booths really help to showcase and display the games and serves as a barrier between the player and the game(s). Their 3-sided design makes accessibility easy and convenient. You can also use the carnival booth for ticket or concession machine sales. Give your next event a real “OVER THE TOP” Circus or Midway Carnival feel that your guests will never forget!!

Our Red & White Striped Midway Carnival Booth Tent rentals are fantastic additions for Fall Festivals, Spring Carnivals or HOA block parties. Red & White Striped Midway Carnival Booth Tents are ideal for PTO/PTA school fundraisers or even backyard circus or carnival themed birthday parties. They are guaranteed attention-grabbing tents. The sky is the limit and ideas are limitless!!


Price: $75.00 Each

Carnival Booth

Photo 1 | Photo 2


carnival prize bags

Creating party favors for your guests have never been easier with our pre-package gift bags. The bags are filled with various small games, toys and/or candy treats for the kids. Our prize bags are the perfect solution for carnival game prize giveaways.


Price: $3.00 Each

Carnival Prize Bags

Large View


obstacle course

Kids and adults love racing each other on this inflated course. The Ultimate Backyard Obstacle Challenge is jammed packed with 30 feet of challenging obstacles all in one single unit. This inflatable course takes participants on a journey crawling through tunnels, maneuvering around horizontal and vertical pop-ups, slipping through log jams and squeeze walls with stamina-building climbing. The Ultimate Backyard Obstacle Challenge is set up for friendly competition play with dual entrances and exits. This sleek obstacle course will put you and your guests to the test…are you up for the Challenge?

This is the perfect unit for large company events, schools, festivals and small parties alike. This is a real attention getter and will provide hours of fun. Call today to reserve your day of fun.


Price: $435.00 Each

Ultimate Backyard Obstacle

Length: 30' | Width: 11' | Height: 12' | Set up Space: 13' W/ 32' L / 14' H | Large View | Aerial | 3D |



Just like the one you remember from TV, be the last one standing as two (2) contestants go head to head and try to knock the other off their arena pedestal. Each “American Gladiator” will nudge, poke, and swat their opponent with oversized padded jousting poles off the jousting platforms to declare victory. Losers fall safely on an inflated base. This game comes complete with secure safety walls, head gear and jousting poles.

This game is a proven crowd pleaser and will keep guests lined up to get their shot at pretending to be an iron-clad jousting knight. Test your balance, strength, stamina and determination while encouraging team building and friendly competition. Start your very own jousting tournament today! This is the perfect piece that promotes fun and friendly competition which is ideal for company parties, graduations, teen nights or school lock-ins.


Price: $325.00 Each

Inflatable Gladiator Joust

Length: 23' | Width: 23' | Height: 5' | Required Set up Space: 25' W/ 25' L / 8' H | Large View


game station

No matter the sport, our brand “NEW” World Sports Gaming Station has the game kids yearn to play! Choose from these popular sports activities: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, dart/frisbee, all under one inflatable play structure. Encourage team spirit and friendly competition as children and parents play their favorite game. This is a must have for corporate parties and larger events! Book now, why wait?


Price: $325.00 Each

World Sports Gaming Station

Length: 24' | Width: 17' | Height: 13' | Set up Space: 26' W/ 18' L / 15' H | Large View | Aerial | 3D |


NBA shootout

This fast-paced competitive basketball shooting game will have participants offering up their best shots. This add-on game will draw a crowd of aspiring NBA all-stars and future 3pt. sharp shooters! Our NBA Shootout inflatable game is a great way to promote exercise, healthy competition and sportsmanship while injecting high-energy fun to any corporate event or church function for guests of any age.


Price: $150.00 Each

NBA Shootout

Length: 9' | Width: 9' | Height: 8' | Required Set up Space: 12' W/ 12' L / 12' H | Large View


boxing ring

Bounce-N-Box is a fun interactive game for kids of all ages but especially exciting for teenagers and young adults. This new combo package combines our classic jumper inflatable with over sized jumbo boxing gloves (4) and safety head gear (2). This game will draw crowds from far and near to watch this friendly competition. Perfect for community events and fundraisers.


Price: $220.00 Each

Bounce N Box

Length: 15' | Width: 15' | Height: 13' | Required Set up Space: 18' W/ 18' L / 15' H | Large View


jacobs ladder

Two (2) lanes of pure adrenaline! Watch the friendly competition as two contestants race head to head up the wobbling ladders while trying to maintain their balance and not fall off. The twin ladders are attached at the top and bottom so that it tests your coordination, balance and stamina as you try to make it to the top. This interactive unit is very, very popular for Post Proms, College events, High School events and a must have for any Corporate Party or church event.

*One (1) attendant is suggested for this unit when rented for larger events.


Price: $375.00 Each

Jacobs Ladder

Length: 24' | Width: 24' | Height: 10' | Required Set up Space: 26' W/ 26' L / 12' H | Large View


bungee run

The bungee run is a very popular interactive game especially for teenagers and adults. Contestants race against each other to try and get their marker further than the other person. The bungee pulls back on each contestant and snaps them back to the start. The bungee run is really one of the best games for any party or special event.


Price: $325.00 Each

Bungee Run

Length: 24' | Width: 16' | Height: 10' | Required Set up Space: 18' W/ 26' L / 12' H | Large View


wrecking ball

Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It's big, it's bold, and it's extreme! It's the Ultimate High Energy game. (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the Wrecking Ball and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the Wrecking Ball swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.


Price: $450.00 Each

Wrecking Ball

Length: ' | Width: 25' | Height: 16' | Required Set up Space: 28' W/ 28' L / 18' H | Large View


penguin fling

You ever been to a live penguin feeding well this game has it all! Sit back and watch as the kids feed the penguins. Children stomp on the launcher, flipping the rubber fish into the penguin's picnic basket. Kid's love it! And you'll love it too.


Price: $75.00 Each

Penguin Fish Fling

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


alien pinball

This brand NEW Alien Pinball is a large and impressive carnival game, unlike any other. Its out of this world! Pull the lever and launch the ball into outer space. Try to get the highest score for a prize. Don't forget to order our carnival game prize bags.


Price: $75.00 Each

Alien Pinball

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


alien toss

The colorful and adorable Alien Invasion features creatures who are "Out of This World"! Alien Invasion uses rocket launchers to propel SAFE foam rockets at the targets. The point system makes for a great competitive game for all ages.


Price: $75.00 Each

Alien Invasion

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


frog fling

Froggy Fly Fling lets the player test his or her skill by catapulting a giant fly or bug into Froggie's mouth. Kids love it and you'll love it too! Kids strike the base with a rubber mallet that catapults a big Ol' fly at the funny froggy backdrop. With a good aim the frog swallows up the flinging fly!


Price: $75.00 Each

Froggy Fly Fling

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


limbo game

How low can you go? Your guests will bend over backwards for this colorful tropical game. The Limbo Game features a tropical theme painted backdrop and an authentic bamboo pole with adjustable settings. Whether it's a wedding reception, an office party or a neighborhood block party, the LIMBO game will livin up any event you've got going. Give our limbo stands a whirl and challenge your family and friends. Also check out our Hawaiian Luau Party Package.


Price: $75.00 Each


*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


football toss

Come test your NFL throwing arm and try to score a touchdown! This game is a winner at any sporting event, fund raiser or carnival. Football fanatics will love this game, it's a simple game for all ages but irresistible! No football player can walk by this game without giving it a shot. Also check out our All-Star Sports Package.


Price: $75.00 Each

NFL Quaterback Toss

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


Giant Connect Four is the classic 4 in a row game resized to giant proportions. Standing at approximately 4ft tall, this game certainly makes a big impact and is great fun for players and spectators alike. The coins are 3" in diameter. Connect Four is played by taking turns dropping your counters into the frame and try to connect four in a row while stopping your opponent from doing the same. The winner is the first player to connect four coins in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally! When the game is over just slide out the bar at the bottom to release the coins. This game takes strategy, skill and a lot of luck which makes it perfect for the next family gathering.


Price: $75.00 Each

Giant Connect Four

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


This NEW game will keep the kids busy for hours as they try to knock down 3 ducks to win. It's a fun and easy game to play for all ages.


Price: $55.00 Each

Duck Hunt Game

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


alien pinball

The Crazy Driver carnival game is a fun, skills game for older kids and adults. No license The objective is to guide the ball down the crazy windy path. Steer your control left and right to keep the ball from falling over the edge or into the holes! The game is equipped with 3 difficulty levels; Grandma, Autobahn and Mountain Racing.


Price: $55.00 Each

Crazy Driver

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


Watch as they try to toss ping pong balls into the fish bowls. This is a perfect game for school carnivals and will spice up any birthday party.


Price: $55.00 Each

Fish In a Bowl Game

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


skeet ball

Rent the classic Skeet Ball carnival game for your next graduation party or cookout. It's the classic ball rolling game which will get your guests up out of their seats. The goal is to roll the ball up the alley and land them in one of the three holes. Each hole is smaller than the last and worth more points.


Price: $55.00 Each

Skeet Ball

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


Parents and kids will be lined up for this carnival classic. Watch contestants attempt to toss the ball and try to land it in the bucket. It's harder than it looks!


Price: $55.00 Each

Hit-the-Bucket Game

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


What a cool game! The kids are going to love throwing the bean bags at the monster's bad teeth. Watch the winner as they knock out all the monster's teeth. Fun for everyone.


Price: $55.00 Each

Monster Dentist Game

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


The potty toss carnival game is awesome! Kids and adults alike get a laugh out of this game. We provide wiffel balls to throw into the potty game. It's not overly gross but it is just taboo enough to be intriguing. Rent this carnival game for your upcoming event.


Price: $55.00 Each

Potty Toss Game

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


This game is very graphically appealing. Guide the metal wand over the rod without touching the rod. If you contact the rod with the wand the buzzer will sound. Concentration is key as the crowd watches you the whole time as you are playing the game. Kids love this game!


Price: $55.00 Each

Shockwave Game

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


Bigger is always better when it comes to having FUN! Whether they're balancing jumbo ostrich eggs on their heads or on our custom designed spoons, kids will have a super good time. This game will help develop their concentration and reinforce their balancing skills. Turn up the party by having a rely competition, kids vs. adults. This add-on is excellent for school field days, camps and church functions.

Includes: Six (6) vibrantly colored lightweight, hollow plastic eggs that are over 8"H and 5" dia. Six (6) 12"L wood spoons and foam rings.


Price: $15.00 Each

Jumbo Ostrich Eggs & Spoons Game

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


This is one of our most popular games! This bowling set is awesome and can be used indoor/outdoors. The mini plastic pins and bowling balls make is easy for your little ones to play. The perfect add-on for your next birthday party.


Price: $25.00 Each

Miniature Bowling

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


Roller Bowler

Roller Bowler is a game where you try to roll the ball over the first hump without it coming back at you. Make it stay in the second dip (as pictured) and you win!


Price: $35.00 Each

Roller Bowler

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


bean bag game

Corn hole, Bean bag toss or Baggo, whatever you call it….we call it fun. This is great to play at a block party, backyard barbecue or at your next family reunion. This is the safe alternative to horseshoes. Each team has 2 players standing opposite each other, each at a separate BAGGO board 20’ apart. One side starts the tossing and the other tosses the beanbags back. Why not create some competitive fun by hosting a tournament at your next cookout or tailgate party? This endlessly entertaining, all-age game is sure to liven up any party.

Includes: 2 boards and 8 beanbags (NOTE: Baltimore Raven Beanbags now available upon request)


Price: $35.00 Each

Baggo/Corn Hole Toss

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


golf game

Play it for fun or competition. Each player gets 3 bolos and tosses them each one at a time. Ladderball is designed for indoor and outdoor play and is ideal for backyard barbecues, family reunions and especially kid parties. It includes two ladders and six (6) soft bolos. Bottom rung is 1 point, middle rung 2 and top rung 3. Whoever gets the most points wins!


Price: $35.00 Each

Ladder Golf

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


pin the tail on the donkey

Kids will love this version of the classic party game. This adorable cartoon character is a 3.5 feet tall inflatable donkey with a velcro target on his bum. Blindfold the challenger and take turns seeing who can come the closest to pinning the tail on the donkey! Check out our affordable Party Packages.

Includes: Four (4) AA+ Rechargeable Batteries


Price: $35.00 Each

Pin The Tail on the Donkey

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


spin art

Kids of all ages love Spin Art! Kids can create Masterpieces on 5"X7" cards or even better, design their own fancy Glow in the Dark Frisbees. This activity is an intense hit at birthday parties, festivals, camps, fundraising events and school because it brings out the artist in everyone. The best part is that kids get to “take home” their creations from your party! Skip the old, tired party favors and give your guests a stylish painting or a hand painted Glow in the Dark Frisbee. This is a must have at your next party.

Includes (20) 5x7 cards/frames and 6 paint colors. Glow in the Dark Frisbees sold separately.


Price: $55.00 Each

Spin Art

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


bubble machine

Every toddler’s favorite….Bubbles and MORE bubbles. Add fun to your next party with thousands of bubbles! The original Automatic Bubble Blower provides hours of fun. A big hit at 1st birthday parties and weddings.

Pricing includes (1) quart of bubble juice.


Price: $55.00 Each

Bubble Machine

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


boxing gloves

This inflatable game is sure to be a knock out with the party goers. Teens and adults go toe to toe trying to knock one out while wearing super over-sized gloves and headgear. This is very popular for middle schools, teen night, block parties, picnics, and corporate events. This is the perfect add-on to your inflatable rental.


Price: $55.00 Each

Boxing Gloves

*Parental supervision required at all times. | Large View


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