|   What cities do you serve?

Baltimore City
Entire Area

Howard County
Ellicott City

Anne Arundel
Fort Meade
Glen Burnie

Baltimore County
White Marsh
Middle River
Ownings Mills
Perry Hall

Harford CountyAberdeen
Forest Hill

  |   How can I make a reservation?

Easy! You can call us at (443) 909-5215 or Contact Us via our website or even email one of our sales representatives at rental@mistermoonbounce.com. You may also book online 24 hours a day at our Online Store.

  |   How can I Pay?

We require a 40% non-refundable security deposit to hold your reservation. Your account must be paid in full at least 3 business days prior to your event. You can pay your deposit using your debit or credit card. If you are a company, church, school, or other organization, please Contact Us for information on your payment options. No personal checks will be accepted. Your reservation is not confirmed until the deposit has been received and processed by our office. There is a $35 return [business] check fee for insufficient bank funds.

  |   How far in advance should I make my reservation?

You should make your reservations as soon as possible. Our moonbounces are very popular and sometimes we are booked up weeks and even months in advance. Saturdays are our most popular rental days.

  |   What if I cancel my event?

The security deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your event. Mr. Moonbounce LLC. will extend a “Rain Check” to you for a future rental. When we receive a deposit, it tells Mr. Moonbounce LLC. “we want the equipment” therefore the equipment is taken out of our inventory for that day and can not be re-rented.

  |   What happens if it rains the day of my event?

Most of our equipment can be set inside a gym or rec. center. Mr. Moonbounce LLC. will allow you to apply your “Rain Check” to a future rental or reschedule your current event. The security deposit guarantees that we hold the equipment for your event only. Therefore, we cannot refund your deposit should you cancel due to rain.

  |   Do I have to rent for the entire day or can I rent for shorter/longer periods of time?

Our standard rates are considered all day by industry standards. The rental duration covers up to 6-hours. However, we are flexible and can allow you to keep the unit for longer if needed. We can, if the need arises, allow you to keep the unit overnight for an additional charge. Please contact an event specialist for additional information.

  |   Do you deliver and set up?

Of course! Mr. Moonbounces drivers will deliver, set up and take down the moon bounce unit. We also ensure that the units are clean and in good working condition as we test the units for safety after set up. It takes approximately 15-30 minutes to set up the unit and review the operator safety procedures with you.

  |   What time do you deliver and pickup the moonbounces?

You decide on the specific rental time and we will be there anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before your event. We pick up the unit after the party is over but please allow up to 3 hours for pick up. If an exact pick up time is crucial please let us know.

  |   Do you provide attendants?

Before we leave we train a responsible adult on how to operate the equipment safely; however, we do not provide attendant for backyard rentals. We will however provide staffing for larger events.

  |   How much space do I need?

You will approximately need an area of 19′ X 19′ and a vertical height that can allow at least 15′ of clearance. Imagine 2 cars parked side by side in your set up area.

  |   Does the moonbounce require power?

Yes. Our moonbounces plug into a standard 120V household outlet. Customers are responsible for providing power for the moonbounce, however, Mr. Moonbounce LLC. does provide customers with a 50 foot extension cord. We ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet that we are utilizing. If you are setting up in a park or a place without electrical outlets within 50 ft, let our sale representative know and we can provide a generator.

  |   How much electricity does a Moonbounce Use?

Very minimal, as you can see in example below:

Standard Moonbounce Blower is 115V and runs at 6.9 Amps (115V X 6.9 Amps) =793.5 Watts
Depending on your particular rate, let’s say $0.13 per hour (contact your local electricity provider for current rates), the minimal cost per hour would be $0.103 cents per hour. A typical hair dryer uses much, much more electricity than our moonbounce!

  |   What type of surface can the moonbounce be placed on?

The BEST surface is a level grassy area. Our units are anchored into the ground with 24″ stakes for stability and safety. Therefore, the renter is responsible to local all underground utilities/sprinkler lines prior to our arrival. We can also set up on any level surface such as concrete, asphalt, dirt and even indoor gymnasiums. Please specify when ordering which surface we will be setting up on so we can provide the appropriate anchors for your event.

  |   Are Mr. Moonbounces inflatable units safe?

Yes. Our moon bounces are constructed to be as safe as possible. As with any activity involving small children, an adult should supervise the activity. This will help to ensure that the few simple rules continue to be followed and that someone is always there to assist children entering and exiting the moon bounce.

  |   Is Mr. Moonbounce LLC. insured?

Yes! Mr. Moonbounce LLC. is a fully insured Maryland corporation. We will provide a copy of our insurance policy as proof of coverage upon request. For events on public property, additional insurance may be required. Please contact us for any information on charges that may apply. Municipalities, schools, churches, and other venues may contact us in advance to make the proper arrangements. The lessee or using party shall be in charge of operation after receiving each unit. Mr. Moonbounce LLC. is not responsible for any injuries occurring to lessee or to any persons using the leased units or equipment or to any damage to personal property.

  |   Are all Moonbounce companies insured?

No, not every bounce company in Maryland is insured. Do not use a company without insurance and do not allow them to convince you that your homeowner’s policy will cover you! Mr. Moonbounce LLC. will not compromise when it comes to safety or doing the right thing!

  |   Are the Moonbounces clean?

Yes. All of our moon bounces are thoroughly cleaned between each use. We are committed to making sure that your children have a clean, healthy, and safe environment in which to play. In addition to cleaning, we also safety check and troubleshoot all equipment before it goes out to another customer. This way, youre always guaranteed a unit that is safe, clean, and in good working order.

  |   What are the appropriate ages for entering a moonbounce?

The appropriate ages for bouncing are 2-14 years old.

  |   How many children can fit inside a moonbounce?

Between 6-10 kids at a time. The number varies upon the size of the moonbounce you are interested in.

  |   Do you set up in parks?

Yes. You will be responsible for obtaining any necessary permits. A generator may be required because not all park locations have electricity. We provide generators for an additional $75 per day.

  |   How much ice is needed for the Sno Cone machine?

A ½ pound of ice is required per serving. Example: For 100 servings you will need 50 pounds of ice.

  |   What should we do to get ready for our moonwalk rental?

The first thing we like to tell people is…..”Measure, Measure, Measure.” Make sure you know where you want your moonbounce and make sure there is enough room. Also, make sure your outside plug is working. That means….plug something in and test it! We need electricity within 100 feet minimum. The second thing is, mow your lawn the day before, not the same day or the morning of set up. It will help keep the moonwalk clean for your kids’ enjoyment. Also, if you have a dog, please clean the yard of any waste before we come. It will help to keep odors away while your kids are jumping, and will prevent any soiling of our unit(s). If you have a waterslide rental, don’t water your lawn for a few days before your party. Waterslides use a lot of water, and if your grass needs it, it will absorb it a lot better if it is dry.

  |   What are your safety rules/regulations?

1. Always have adult supervision at ALL times, when children are in or around the unit.
2. Children must remove their shoes prior to entering the unit.
3. Keep the number of children in the unit at or below the number indicated in the rental agreement.
4. No horseplay or flips.
5. Absolutely NO gum, food, drinks, candy or silly string in the unit. These items, especially silly string, are very harmful to the vinyl. Violation of this     rule can result in additional charges for cleaning.
6. Keep smaller children out of the unit when older children are jumping. Allow a separate time for just the small children to participate and enjoy     the fun.
7. Do not move the unit from the set up location for any reason.
8. Do not use near water or when fireworks are being used or will be used.
9. Have FUN!


Unit Size

Children 8
& Under

Children 9
To 12

Older Teens







15 x 15 Bouncer


6 – 8

4 – 5


Combo Units


6 – 8

4 – 5



  |   What if I have a problem during my party?

Problems are not very common here at Mr. Moonbounce LLC., but we have a procedure in place to make sure you enjoy every minute of your rental period. In the event that you experience any difficulties or have any questions while our equipment is at your event, please call the emergency number that is listed on the top of every contract. This number is in place so we can ensure that everything goes well with your rental. If you experience an issue and do not inform us until your event is over, we do not have the opportunity to assist you or fix the problem. Therefore, no refunds or credits will be issued if you do not contact us for assistance and/or troubleshooting. No Exceptions!

  |   Do you offer Equipment Protection Plans or a Damage Waiver?

Yes. Based on numerous customer requests Mr. Moonbounce LLC. has added an optional Equipment Protection Plan that gives our clients added protection against the unforeseen. The Equipment Protect Plan is a damage waiver not liability insurance. The damage waiver covers accidental damage to the rented equipment. Our protection plan is designed to give moms and/or event hosts a “Peace of Mind” knowing that they are protected so they can actually relax and enjoy the event they worked so hard to plan. We highly recommend all of our clients to invest in the Damage waiver especially when renting expensive inflatables, concession machines and carnival games with moving parts. These items can cost hundreds even thousands of dollars to repair and far more to replace.

Remember its always better to be safe than sorry! Be proactive, not reactive.

  |   What if I want my tables and chairs longer than the moonbounce or slide?

All the equipment is delivered and pick up at the same time. If you would like the equipment for longer, you will need to rent it for a longer period of time.

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