Gladiator Joust


Just like the one you remember from TV, be the last one standing as two (2) contestants go head to head and try to knock the other off their arena pedestal. Each “American Gladiator” will nudge, poke, and swat their opponent with oversized padded jousting poles off the jousting platforms to declare victory. Losers fall safely on an inflated base. This game comes complete with secure safety walls, head gear and jousting poles.

This game is a proven crowd pleaser and will keep guests lined up to get their shot at pretending to be an iron-clad jousting knight. Test your balance, strength, stamina and determination while encouraging team building and friendly competition. Start your very own jousting tournament today! This is the perfect piece that promotes fun and friendly competition which is ideal for company parties, graduations, teen nights or school lock-ins.

Length: 23' | Width: 23' | Height: 5'

Required Set up Space: 25' W/ 25' L / 8' H