Dunk Tank Rental in Maryland

Dunk Tanks have been delighting crowds for years. Dunk tanks are essential for every school carnival, church and charity fundraisers, company picnic or birthday party. You can dunk your parents, co-workers, manager, boss or even the school principal in this classic dunking game! Hit the target and dunk the victim in the dunk tank! Players toss softballs at the dunk tank target, if they hit the target on the dunk tank, splash in goes the volunteer into the dunk tank filled with water! The fun never ends with Mr. Moonbounce LLC. Dunk Tank rentals. Read all about dunk tanks on our DUNK TANK RENTAL FAQ's below.

Dunk Tank Rental FAQ's

How long does it take to fill a dunk tank?
It usually takes about 1 hour to an 1.5 hours to fill a dunk tank. If you have really great water pressure at your party location it may take less time.

Can Mr. Moonbounce LLC. bring water for the dunk tank?
No, we cannot bring water with us. The tank is 500 gallons, which is a lot of weight!

Is your dunk tank made for kids and adults?
Yes, our dunk tanks are commercial-grade 500 gallon dunk tanks which are great for kids and adults.

Do all your dunk tanks have windows on them?
Yes, there is no purpose to a dunk tank if it does not have a window.

Can we set up the dunk tank inside?
No, we do not set up dunk tanks inside. The water needs to be drained at the end of each event, so we do not want to flood an indoor venue with water.

Can the dunk tank be set up in our backyard?
Yes, as long as you have at least an 8' side gate AND an 8' wide side yard to get through. No, we cannot lift the dunk tank over a fence.

Are your dunk tanks in good condition?
Yes, our dunk tanks are stored inside day and night so they are kept looking in great condition. We bought them new and keep them looking that way.

Do I need to provide a hose to fill the dunk tank?
Yes, the customer is responsible for providing a garden hose that is long enough to reach the intended set up area. The customer must provide the hose and water source, no exceptions.