Super Helix Combo


The 2-piece Super Helix Combo waterslide combines the best of everything! It’s the first waterslide combo of its kind. It has a unique dual waterslide option plus a Slip-N-Slide attachment. This gigantic dual lane inflatable slide features a Slip-N-Slide where riders slide down the tunnel to get to the wall climb, then have the option to either take a straight slide or a curved slide, both leading into a big pool for a splashing good time. There are only a few waterslide combo designs available that offer the Slip-N-Slide lane at the finish but our custom engineered design takes it to the next level by letting the kids do the surf sliding BEFORE they go up the Helix slide! Great for cooling off during those hot summer days. The Super Helix Combo is built to last making it ideal for adults and kids.

Length: 33' | Width: 20' | Height: 15'

Required Set up Space: 22' W/ 35' L / 17' H


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